Adam Names the Animals


Adam Names the Animals

The beautiful new children’s book by Beth Wyndham and illustrated by her sister Mary Kelly is available to ship today.

A children’s book about Adam’s romp with his new friends in paradise, as he goes about following God’s instructions to name the animals.

Delightful illustrations will capture children’s imaginations.

What’s one of the first things you do when you meet a new friend? Ask their name, of course! God gave Adam animal friends but Adam didn’t know what to call them because they didn’t yet have names. Adam was so lucky he got to be the first one to name all the animals – wouldn’t that be a great job! We don’t know exactly how Adam named them but it is fun to wonder. An I bet he played with them too, don’t you? What features in God’s creatures gave him clues for their names? What would you name them if God asked you?

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About the author:

Beth Wyndham is an Episcopal priest in San Antonio, Texas. She has spent most of her life working with children and their families. Before turning to ministry, Beth coached figure skating in Dallas, Texas. From there she became a youth minister before being ordained. She served as a school chaplain in Dallas and Associate Rector at St. Anne’s Episcopal in Desoto, Texas.

Beth served for six years at St. Tomas Episcopal Church and School in San Antonio. She is now a church planter for the Diocese of West Texas where she enjoys time with her husband, two sons, two dogs and two cats. This is her first children’s book. She is so thankful for all the curious kids she has encountered that love asking questions about God!

About the illustrator:

Mary Kelly lived in at least six states and three foreign countries growing up as a result of her father’s career in the Air Force. Mary earned her BA in Fine Arts at Brooklyn College, City University of NY. She lived in Brooklyn and Queens for almost 28 years before moving to Santa Barbara where her husband, Sean, grew up and where they still reside. She has two sons. Mary is a member of the Santa Barbara and Goleta Valley Art Associations.


Adam Names the Animals

Beth Wyndham, Mary Kelly

Material Media | Hardcover | 32 pages 


Children’s book ages 4-8

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