Susan Kerr Speaking resizedIntersections of Grace came into fruition through a series of devotional talks Kerr delivered to her home Bible Study group. After much encouragement from the women in the group, she turned these talks into a collection of written essays and prayers. Her writings are inspired by experiences in her daily life to include God’s word as a student of the Bible, nature, pets and travel. Kerr also tied in her work as an accomplished photographer by including 15 of her photographs in the book.

“During my life, I have experienced many manifestations of God’s Grace,” notes Kerr. “Above all, I hope my writings help others recognize that if we are attentive, we may see these intersections at every step of our life journey and that we are therefore, never truly alone.”

A gifted speaker, Susan is available to speak on a variety of topics such as listening to God’s call, finding God in the ordinary, stepping out when you’re afraid, and writing. Contact her at

Reviews from a recent speaking engagement:

“[Susan] really touched my heart today. What an inspiration to hear her talk. It was a true privilege to be in the audience. Thank you for sharing so many experiences and wisdom you have learned through the years… thank you for touching so many lives along your journey.” ~ Laurie Gripenkurl

“What an amazing and inspirational talk you delivered [today]. You were a reflection of God’s grace. He anointed you to spread His message of hope and trust in a beautiful way. It was a blessing to see how poised and courageous you were.” ~ Jeannie Dulnig