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In 1995 Mary C. Earle was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis.

Like others who suffer from serious or chronic conditions, she found that living with illness requires major adjustments in life.

Using St. Benedict’s ancient Rule – his way of ordering the life and days of religious communities – Earle explores how the concepts of stability, obedience, and conversion can help anyone live with illness.



“In this extraordinarily comforting and challenging book, Mary Earle takes the setbacks of chronic illness or disability and reframes them as powerful tools for keeping a rule of life. The ancient Benedictine ways of humility, prayer, and self-knowledge counter the urge to  rush, multitask, push and shove one’s way into the superficial busyness that so often passes for excellence in the world.”

Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, author of  Some Things You Just Have to Live With



Mary C. Earle is a spiritual director, retreat leader, writer, and Episcopal priest. She is the author of The Desert Mothers: Spiritual Practices from the Women of the Wilderness, Broken Body, Healing Spirit: Lectio Divina and Living with Illness, and the co-author of Holy Companions: Spiritual Practices from the Celtic Saints.

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Beginning Again: Benedictine Wisdom for Living with Illness, Audio Version

Read by the author, Mary C. Earle

Unabridged Audio Book – 4 CDs – Running time: 4 hours, 51 minutes


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