Light to the Darkness


These are stories of human beings who lived in “the temporal element,” but who understood something of the divine drama, of the eternal — people like Abraham and Isaiah, like Elizabeth and Mary of Nazareth, who were all convinced that God was a personal God. These are stories that matter to people like us… This is another way to look at the same stories and hear anew the carols that serve as the eternal Yes to the truth that the stories reveal to us. – From Light to the Darkness


Of all the ancient traditions that surround Advent — as Christians joyfully wait for the birth of Christ — perhaps none is so well loved as the service of Lessons and Carols. In scripture and song, believers gather together to tell the story of who they are and what their faith calls them to be.

In this fresh new interpretation of lessons and carols, Katerina Whitley retells the stories in the form of dramatic monologue and dialogue, helping listeners to hear them as if for the very first time. With music suggestions that range from the traditional to the unexpected, Light to the Darkness is a resource for churches planning meaningful Advent services — and for individuals seeking a new way to mark the days of this holy season.


Katerina Katsarka was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. “I long for what is good and whole in humanity, even though I am quite aware of the darkness. Jesus expects us to be the light of the world and I try to remember this always. Writing, for me, is a response to the Light.”

The same is true with teaching, Katerina says. She has taught children and adults of all ages, but her favorite groups are the college students she has been teaching at Appalachian State University as a communication adjunct since 2001.

She is the author of several books, including Speaking for Ourselves: Voices of Biblical Women and Walking the Way of Sorrows: Stations of the Cross.

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Light to the Darkness: Lessons and Carols, Public and Private

by Katerina Whitley

Morehouse Publishing – Paperback – 140 pages


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