Correspondence in D Minor (Annotated) Audio book


Read by the author, this audio version brings to life James R. Dennis’ popular debut book Correspondence in D Minor.

James Dennis writes with erudition, wit, and a breath of fresh West Texas air on a dazzling array of historical, biblical, and classical topics. Here are poems woven of personal experience and a genuine love for the world; poems of hard-won faith and unflinching empathy in a voice brave, wry, and bracingly original. – Noel Crook, author of Salt Moon.


James R. Dennis is a novelist, poet, and Dominican Friar. He was born in West Texas and lives in Austin with his two ill-behaved dogs.


Correspondence in D Minor (Annotated) Audio Book

James R. Dennis

Material Media | 2 disc set | Running time approximately 2 hrs 50 min


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