Intersections of Grace 2nd EDITION


Intersections of Grace grew out of a series of devotional talks delivered to Susan’s Bible Study group. After much encouragement from the women in the group , she turned these talks into a collection of written essays and prayers. God’s word, nature, pets, travel, and daily life inspired the writings. Over the years, as a student of the Bible, Susan has witnessed many manifestations of God’s Grace. These essays beautifully express Susan’s belief that if we are only attentive, we may see the intersections of God’s Grace at every step of our journey.

The second edition includes thought provoking study questions that can help facilitate your own awareness of intersections of God’s grace, or make a wonderful tool to be used in a study group.

Susan Kerr is a longtime leader of Women’s Bible Studies. A graduate of the University of Texas, she lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband. Susan is a proud mother of two grown children and two of the furry four-legged variety. Aside from being a dedicated writer, Susan is passionate about photography, particularly landscape and travel photography. For more information visit Susan at



“Thank you for sharing your heart and your story with us. The Lord has given you a special appreciation for His truth and has given you a powerful gift for communication.” Rev. Bob Fuller

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Intersections of Grace: Reflections on a Life of Faith

PAPERBACK: 223 pages
PUBLISHER: Material Media | 2nd edition (February 2018)
ISBN: 978-09886800-12

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