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Chanting for Peace: Praying with the Earth Meditative Chants & Prayers


John Philip Newell
with soloist Suzanne Butler

The perfect compliment to John Philip Newell’s “Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace”, this audio CD invites and inspires us to live as those whose hearts yearn for peace.


We as Jews, Christians, and Muslims share a common spiritual descent, yet painful divisions between us lie at the center of much conflict and war in the world today. “Chanting for Peace: Meditative Chants and Prayers” brings to life the morning and evening prayers from “Praying with the Earth” that honor each of these traditions.


The chants, sung in English, have a descant in the original language from the three households of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. The words are selections from the Quran, the Hebrew Scriptures and the Words of Jesus and are interwoven with prayers by John Philip Newell. The soloist and music director is Suzanne Butler who was featured on Newell’s previous chant CD, Sounds of the Eternal. The composer, Linda Larkin, is from Santa Fe. Spoken prayers are from John Philip’s “Praying with the Earth”.


Praying With the Earth


Morning and evening prayers for the peace of the whole world. Following the pattern of his popular Celtic Benediction, Philip Newell provides lyrical and theologically profound prayers for morning and evening each day of the week. These devotions celebrate the spiritual legacy shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims and articulate the longings for peace that are closer to the heart of these spiritual traditions than their divisions. Ideal for personal devotions, this book also provides a versatile liturgical resource appropriate for Christian or interfaith use. Each devotion features:

  • A Beatitude
  • A Prayer of Awareness
  • Meditative Readings from the Psalms, the Gospel of Matthew, and the Qu’ran
  • A Prayer for the Life of the World
  • A Prayer of Blessing
  • Rich full-color illustrations drawn from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic art.