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An Altar In Your Heart


The Jesus Prayer: A Simple Yet Powerful Tool in Today's Chaotic World

An Altar In Your Heart is a beautiful introduction to a prayer method that spans centuries from the 6th century to today's high-tech world. The Jesus Prayer is prayed by people from all walks of life. Read and learn about the ancient prayer that is “rooted and grounded in the Incarnation”.


This series of meditations by Bishop Robert B. Hibbs arises from a lifetime of study and daily use. He has the distinction of expressing profound insights in an everyday way. Bob Hibbs' book will build understanding as to why a prayer so simple, The Jesus Prayer, is used daily by millions of people all around the world.

The Jesus Prayer Retreat AUDIO


The Jesus Prayer Retreat

Living in the Presence of God: Explorations in The Jesus Prayer


This is a live recording of the original Jesus Prayer Retreat, led by Bishop Bob Hibbs at the Mustang Island Conference Center in 1993. It has helped lead many faithful people on a new path of spiritual understanding by using a very ancient, simple yet powerful tool: The Jesus Prayer.


This retreat became the basis for the book An Altar In Your Heart: Meditations on the Jesus Prayer.