Illustrator: Laura Mijangos-Rapp.

This is a delightful story of Bobbis and his life as told by Frankie his granddaughter. He triumphed over poverty and illness to become a well-known artist. Frankie explains his positive attitude helped him overcome his difficulties. He started to look for “the cherries” (beauty, abundance, and magic) in everything. Based on the life of renowned artist Alberto Mijangos.

Kay Karcher Mijangos, the author, is a lifelong educator and a dedicated student of Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education. After thirty years as a preschool teacher, she became the founding Headmistress of St. Paul’s Episcopal Montessori School in San Antonio, Texas. This school, founded in 2005, strives to provide a quality Montessori education to children in all economic circumstances. Every year, this is accomplished by implementing a robust scholarship program. Mijangos has written this book to spread her late husband’s wisdom about how to live a happy life. Looking for the Cherries is her first book.

Laura Mijangos-Rapp was born in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from Trinity University in 1979. There she received her BA in Fine Arts where she focused on sculpture under Phillip Evett. Later she studied painting with her father, the late Alberto Mijangos. Laura is a figurative abstract artist who works primarily in mixed media. Her inspiration is often life experiences and the lessons they teach.She is a mother, a grandmother of seven, and resides in San Antonio with her husband, Steve. She exhibits her work throughout Texas. This project is very dear to her heart as it is the story about her father’s inspiring journey.